Grupo Gámiz advice on wood projects



Our goal: that all professionals get the best possible performance from the wood and that the wood projects are carried out properly

GÁMIZ GROUP: the benchmark in the quality wood sector

To start working with a product you have to love it and feel it. If we add to this a commitment to the environment, quality raw material and cutting-edge technology, the products obtained are a spectacle of harmony and natural beauty.

Every day we use wood with the utmost care and finesse to turn it into products that are true works of art. Our passion for this treasure that nature offers us has turned us little by little into consultants for everyone who needs it. Our customers are our priority, but also all those who love wood like us, and who are not sure of those aspects and qualities of wood that best serve their purposes.

Just ask, GÁMIZ GROUP will respond

For this reason, GÁMIZ GROUP for a long time has been advising professionals from the world of architecture who ask for our help on which wood products are most appropriate for their projects.

We are committed to the unique quality of the projects undertaken in wood, so if at any time you require a product that we do not have, but we believe is appropriate for a specific purpose, we will recommend it even if we do not manufacture it ourselves.
This completely free quality advice from professional to professional, has made us a reference and has made us participants in architects’ projects who have been completely satisfied with the information requested.

Because wood is our passion, and we want everyone to enjoy it.