Arrea! Restaurant

For the return of the chef Edorta Lamo to his hometown, Santa Cruz de Campezo, who is based at a rehabilitated farmhouse (the old “telephone house” of the village), the revaluation of all things local is ever more prominent. Every choice made in this project -not only gastronomic- was linked to this concept.

Rooted at the heart of the mountains of Álava, the group launching the restaurant Arrea! decided to entrust the work to their neighbours GRUPO GÁMIZ to provide the timber needed for its façades. Choosing ACCOYA® acetylated wood is a complete guarantee of success against the harsh climate in the area.

This incredibly resistant wood, ideal for exteriors, with a 50-year written guarantee, is very versatile as it can take practically any finish. In the case of Arrea!, ACCOYA® has a flow coating application of one coat of the saturator KETO WF771 in black, WN006T, and a spray application of the finish KETO WF748, in black, WN006T, with a thickness of 150-175 microns when wet.

At the same time, the interior of the restaurant has also been fitted out with other wood products from the GRUPO GÁMIZ catalogue (oak and ash).

  • Proyectos ACCOYA, Restaurante Arrea!
  • Proyectos ACCOYA, Restaurante Arrea!

About This Project

TYPE OF PROJECT: Restaurant.

LOCATION: Santa Cruz de Campezo (Alava)

INSTALLER: Innowall.


PAINT: Nahiko.

PRODUCT: ACCOYA®, perfiles 45×25 mm.

APPLICATION: Revestimiento de fachada.