Laminated scantlings

Wooden laminated scantlings for solid or mixed windows, with guaranteed stability and durability

Available in oak, beech and pine

Grupo Gámiz laminated scantlings are an excellent option for manufacturers of doors, windows and joinery in general.

In addition to the strict quality levels we demand from our products, our laminated scantlings are endorsed by the prestigious French centre FCBA, dedicated to research, innovation and knowledge transfer in the wood, construction and furniture sectors and the forestry industry.

The result is the full guarantee of our laminated scantlings in terms of finish quality, and its thermal insulation capacity in the construction of solid or mixed (aluminium and wood) doors and windows.

Make your order your way

We’ll adapt to your needs

  • Full scantlings with spliced staves (KKK)
  • With all full staves (DDD)
  • Full staves with the two outer faces with full staves and the interior with the finger joint system (DKD)
  • Possibility moulded and veneered scantlings
  • Tell us your specific needs


Type of laminated scantling DDD / DKD / KKK
(D = full stave; K = spliced staves)
Species Oak / beech / pine
(ask us for other species)
Gluing D4 in accordance with EN 204 with water-resistant glues
Qualities A or B (ask us for other qualities)
Length Máx. 6.000 mm
Widths 63/72/85/95/105/115/125/145 mm (ask us for other widths)
Thicknesses 63/72/84 mm (ask us for other thicknesses)
Wood moisture content 12% (± 2%)

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