Splinters and saw dust

Useful products that are good for ecology and the circular economy

Wood, a 100% sustainable material

At Grupo Gámiz we do not generate waste, we generate resources.

Our process is sustainable from start to finish:

  • 1. We get our wood from local forests, no more than 400 km away.
  • 2. We make recyclable products.
  • 3. We make use of excess resources generated throughout the process:

    Splinters and saw dust obtained from quality wood, which we use to generate energy in our own factory and that we sell to companies in other sectors that use them and also contribute to sustainability and circular energy.

Ask us about formats and prices for splinters and saw dust

Common applications for splinters and saw dust

Grupo Gámiz splinters and saw dust are usually used in:

  • The biomass industry
  • Composting companies
  • Particle board manufacture
  • Wood pellet companies
  • The paper manufacture industry
  • Animal bedding maintenance…

Ask us for information on splinters and saw dust
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