The ideal product for creative sustainable architecture

Our wood products are present in international architectural projects that seek elegance, warmth and sustainability.

Specialists in top quality wood

GRUPO GÁMIZ was born in a forest, steeped in wood, back in 1942. Since then, quality sawn wood has been the engine moving successive generations that have been responsible for the company, who have turned GRUPO GÁMIZ, a humble dream for five brothers, into the world’s leading manufacturer of glulam hardwood beams.
The nobility of wood lies in its generosity. Articles elaborated with GRUPO GÁMIZ top quality wood accompany life with the resistance, elegance and style of the eternal. Oakbeech or ash are premium woods that always leave their mark of distinction.
For this reason, the range of quality wood products that we manufacture and commercialize in GRUPO GÁMIZ transmit a natural, refined character. The personality of the hardwood forests shines through in our oak glulam beamslaminated profilesedge-glued wood panels …
Whatever it is, if it is made of quality wood, it is in GRUPO GÁMIZ. Wood is our world and we love living in it.

Ideal products
for sustainable architecture

Wooden curtain walls or the exterior design potential of Accoya® acetylated wood are aesthetic and durable solutions that protect the environment

Wood is the present and future of ecological architecture. There is no sustainable construction material as complete as wood: natural, beautiful, firm, durable and safe.

GRUPO GÁMIZ high-quality wood products are based on technology and innovation and enhance the creative potential of architects, who can devise designs that protect the environment without sacrificing construction efficiency.

For example, our VIGAM beams, the only oak glulam beam in the world with structural CE marking, is a sustainable alternative with excellent aesthetic virtues for light facades as it can be used to build a wooden curtain wall.

As distributors in Spain of Accoya®, we are proud to bear witness to the quality of a wood product for exteriors that is free of toxic chemicals and with so many benefits regarding durability and beauty.


Our wood products are present in international architectural projects that seek elegance, warmth and sustainability.

Facade cladding. First prize Constructive Alps 2020. The jury of this award recognizes projects where architecture combines aesthetics and climatic sensitivity.

Structural pillars, floors, walls, roofs and terraces. ACCOYA® is an elegant and tremendously resistant exterior wood, with a fifty-year written guarantee.

Wooden curtain wall. This high school and high-performance sports center aims to train the German athletes of the future intellectually and physically.

Discover the latest technology for façades in this

Wooden curtain walling

Images of real international projects with elegant, warm façades full of creativity with wood.

Because sustainable architecture needs sustainable solutions.



We manufacture our products with innovation and thanks to the wood from quality trees with their own personality. These are our main woods, obtained from sustainable forests.


With innovation, technology and respect for the environment we create the best wood products on the market

GRUPO GÁMIZ is a group of companies that manufacture top quality wood products. We obtain our wood from sustainable European forests. Our respect for the environment combined with an innovative character and a daily commitment to technology, allows us to manufacture top-quality worldwide certified wood products (CE, CTB-LCA, FSC, PEFC …).


VIGAM: the only oak glulam beam in the world with CE marking for structural use

Not all wooden beams are what they seem. The experience of GRUPO GÁMIZ in noble woods has made us perfectly aware of the characteristics of each of them. VIGAM oak beams are ideal for structural and decorative use, and provide unique aesthetic and resistance results. In 2013 GRUPO GÁMIZ became the first manufacturer in the world to obtain the CE mark for structural use of oak glulam beams.


The quality wood products we manufacture and commercialize are the basis of major building projects

From homes to cathedrals, as well as schools, shopping centres, hotels, museums or wine cellars, GRUPO GÁMIZ‘s high quality wood enhances the buildings in which it is present. The GRUPO GÁMIZ catalogue has specific wood products for each project. And in each of them, the result is the same: a unique show of quality, resistance, durability and beauty.


High quality wood expands the
possibilities of the contract channel

Specific products such as laminated high quality oak beams deliver the edge in major architecture, construction, decoration and interior design projects. GRUPO GÁMIZ provides technical advice to contract channel professionals on the products and brands that best suit their objectives: VIGAMPERFIGAMALIGAMGEOLAMACCOYA®, flooring, facades or sawn timber.


Our premium quality wood products are present in a wide list of national and international public and private works

Many architects, developers and public administrations have carried out their projects with the quality wood of GRUPO GÁMIZ: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Herzog & de Meuron, Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Jim Clemes, Zwarte Hond, Leandro Cámara, BKS, By MoRE, Luis María Uriarte, L35 Arquitectura, Fernando Zaparaín, Carlos Ferrater, Juan Trias de Bes…

Wood, architecture, and sustainability

Discover the versatility of wood as a green building material and the latest trends in architecture and sustainable design.