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The high quality of its solid wood and its elasticity make it a highly-valued wood
for the elaboration of high-end furniture and structures


As experts in high quality woods, the GRUPO GÁMIZ product catalogue would not be complete without ash, an excellent wood which is highly regarded and noteworthy for its hardness, elasticity and elegant finishes. The Romans were very aware of this, making their weapons from ash wood because of its great qualities. So prized was this wood that anyone who dared to burn or cut an ash tree in Ancient Roman times was severely punished.

Fraxinus excelsior, the scientific name of this tree variety, can have up to 60 different varieties, mostly deciduous. There are mainly two types: the European and the American.


Ash is an exquisite noble wood, is dense and easy to impregnate, easy to work and machine, with an elasticity which is unmatched. For this reason, when handled correctly it is perfect for nailing, screwing and gluing, in addition to being able to be inked and polished to obtain a perfect finish.

The high quality of its solid wood and its elasticity make it a very versatile wood when producing tool handles, sports bats and other objects that need to be curved. As for its colour, the tone of the ash wood is clean and can be customized, however its heartwood is light brown and the sapwood can be whitish or yellowish white.

Nowadays this exquisite wood is widely sought after for the elaboration of high-quality furniture and structures. Although it is used for the manufacture of fine furniture or joinery, it is much more usual to see it in more demanding areas: kitchens, cupboards. Commonly used in indoor furniture since it offers a fine and elegant finish, as well as resistance to knocks.


Gámiz Group specialists in supply and installation of wood


Long life to quality wood

Some oaks can be up to 2000 years old. Their strength is visible in their qualities for structural use: adaptable to changes in temperature and humidity, and hugely resistant. The sophistication of its finish is appreciable in GRUPO GÁMIZ‘s range of high quality wood products (oak beams, laminated profiles, etc.)

Grupo Gámiz Hague wood


Hardness and elegance

The ability of beech to be moulded without breaking ensured this noble wood was used as an ideal raw material to make tracks for mines. Today it is one of the most widely used hardwoods at an industrial level, and cannot go amiss in the supply of local quality GRUPO GÁMIZ wood (laminated profiles, edge-glued wood panels …).

Gámiz Group specialists in supply and installation of wood


One of the most sustainable species

The radiata pine offers one of the most versatile quality woods. At GRUPO GÁMIZ we manufacture part of our laminated profiles in local radiata pine wood, for solid window or mixed aluminum and wood and selected quality glulam beams, for applications such as wall-curtain facades.
Thanks to the quality of the wood selected, the products obtained have an absolute guarantee of stability.