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A company with solidly established values

Excellence, like quality wood, is not just a chance finding, it is something that must be searched out day after day. Only then is it possible for a company to evolve from a sawmill to a leading global manufacturer of laminated hardwood beams.

For over seventy years, being faithful to our values has enabled GRUPO GÁMIZ to turn them into tools that have made us a reference in the premium quality wood sector.

Innovation, technology, quality and sustainability

The spirit of continuous improvement needs to be fed with innovation, which requires people who generate ideas and high tech to implement them. This symbiosis, together with the use of noble woods such as oak, beech or ash, has allowed GRUPO GÁMIZ to achieve perfection in its main objective: to obtain the highest quality wood products on the market.

Products such as oak glulam beams, laminated profiles, edge-glued panels, whose highest quality is certified by the group’s own manufacturing processes, which also firmly believe in sustainability and commitment to the environment.

Thanks, precisely, to our investment in R&D+i, for example, we minimize our raw material waste and convert it into heat for our dryers. Furthermore, the companies that are part of GRUPO GÁMIZ hold the most important responsible forest management certificates in the sector (FSC Certified Elaborados y Fabricados Gámiz, PEFC Certified Elaborados y Fabricados Gámiz, PEFC Certified Maderas Gámiz).


Unity is strength, in addition to the best customer service

GAMIZ woods group elaborated and manufactured


This is the company with the greatest added value in the group. Here is located the company’s R&D+i department. It specializes in the development and manufacture of laminated wood products such as laminated profiles (PERFIGAM), edge-glued panels (ALIGAM) and glulam beams using European hardwoods (VIGAM). In recent years a local wood, insignis pine (pinus radiata) has been incorporated into their products. Likewise, they are the official distributors of ACCOYA® acetylated wood in Spain.

Grupo woods Gámiz y Zuñiga


It exclusively commercializes premium high quality products, such as exclusive composites and high-tech flooring. Exclusive distributors for Spain of GEOLAM Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), and its new product, GEOLAM Premium Wood Hybrid System (WHS), profiles that combine composites with aluminium, manufactured by the company EINWOOD (Japan).

Wood group Gámiz woods and sawmills


The origin of GRUPO GÁMIZ. Maderas Gámiz transforms a total of 30,000 m³ of oak, beech, ash, sycamore and other hardwood timber at its facilities. Here the quality sawing processes, optimization and drying of the wood are undertaken, as well as its subsequent conditioning for sale. In addition to the wood for our own products, the company offers, made-to-measure pieces and edged panels. Staves for wine barrels are also elaborated.



Grupo Gámiz specialists in quality certified wood

CE certificates

GRUPO GÁMIZ is the first manufacturer worldwide to obtain the CE marking for structural use of oak glulam beams (June 2013). Since then, our manufacturing process is controlled and supervised externally by the prestigious German centre, MPA Stuttgart, Otto-Graf-Institut.

– CE Conformity Certificate Oak

In addition, GRUPO GÁMIZ has recently incorporated glulam beams, using local insignis pine (pinus radiata), premium-quality beams aimed at high demand applications and curtain-wall facades.

– CE conformity certificate Radiata Pine


CTB certificates

Since the beginning of 2010 GRUPO GÁMIZ has held the prestigious quality certificate of the FCBA (France), CTB-LCA marking, for the elaboration of our oak, beech and pine laminated profiles. This means that, in addition to our own internal controls, our manufacturing process is monitored by this external, independent institute, which guarantees our customers the highest quality in our wood products.

FCBA CTB LCA 206 Chêne | FCBA CTB LCA 206 Pine

Grupo Gámiz specialists in certified quality wood, certified environmental declaration

EPD certificates

GRUPO GÁMIZ holds the environmental product declaration, both for VIGAM, oak, beech, ash, iroko and pine glulam beams, as well as for PERFIGAM, oak, beech and pine laminated profiles. The climate declarations show the greenhouse gases emissions, expressed as CO2 equivalents. It is based on the verified results of the life cycle assessments (LCA) developed as a basis for an EPD, in accordance with ISO 14025

– Environmental product declaration EPD VIGAM and PERFIGAM

Grupo Gámiz specialists in quality certified wood, forest certification

PEFC certificates

GRUPO GÁMIZ companies have been PEFC certified since 2005, the most widely implemented forest certification system in the world. The objective of PEFC is to ensure that the world’s forests are managed in a responsible manner.

– PEFC Certified Maderas Gámiz, S.A.

– PEFC Certified Elaborados y Fabricados Gámiz, S.A.

Grupo Gámiz specialists in quality certified wood, forest certification

FSC certificates

Since 2012 GRUPO GÁMIZ has held the FSC® certification (Forest Stewardship Council), an evaluation process to which the forestry company or company voluntarily submits, and which is carried out by an independent certification body through field audits and consultations.

– FSC Certified Elaborados y Fabricados Gámiz, SA.


Building a world of quality wood since 1942

Projects Maderas Gamiz, specialists in high quality wood.


Maderas Gámiz started out as a company dedicated to forestry, coal extraction and the commercialization of timber.


The first sawmill was set up in Santa Cruz de Campezo.


Another sawmill was acquired. The scope of action of Maderas Gámiz grew with the beginning of the manufacture of parquet and the veneer production process.


A new sawmill was installed and new production methods and more advanced techniques were introduced.

Projects Maderas Gamiz, specialists in high quality wood.
Grupo Gámiz specialists in supplies and installation of pallets and parquets


With the creation of Elaborados y Fabricados Gámiz, a great qualitative leap took place, by starting to manufacture more elaborated, innovative and high-added value wood products.


GRUPO GÁMIZ continues to advance continuously, implementing new technology and new machinery, and bringing new products to the market. Obtaining quality certificates and the importance of the R&D+i department mark the profile of the group and outline the lines along which the future of the company will be strengthened.

Projects Maderas Gamiz, specialists in high quality wood.