These are the species of wood we use to make our products

European oak, beech, ash, American red oak, iroko and radiata pine.

Top quality wood, versatile species, sustainably sourced.

The ideal raw materials for help meet the goals of companies in the industry, construction, architecture and decor sectors that seek extra quality in their products and to reduce the ecological footprint of their processes.

If you want to find out more about its origin and certificates, don’t hesitate to contact us.

European oak

Quality and ancestral beauty

  • The European oak (Quercus robur and Quercus petraea) is a very largehardwood tree. The wood from European oak is characterised by a light yellowish brown colour in the duramen, slightly lighter in the alburnum.
  • European oak has been used since prehistoric times. The remains of wooden objects made of European oak at archeological sites.
  • Since then the European oak has been perceived as a fine hardwood due to its durability, hardness and beautiful grain.
  • The quality of its wood makes European oak the perfect choice for a wide range of applications in industries that use wood in their processes, bringing a touch of quality and elegance to their products and projects.


Elegance and versatility

  • The beech (Fagus sylvatica) usually exceeds thirty metres tall. Its wood is usually light in colour, although as it ages the duramen can acquire shades of yellow, orange or brown. The alburnum generally maintains its creamy white or pale white tone.
  • Beech is appreciated for its quality and versatility. It has been used for centuries in furniture manufacture and joinery.
  • Throughout history it has gained a well-deserved reputation as a beautiful, hard and resistant wood, while being tremendously versatile.
  • Beech is very easy to work with, which, along with its quality, makes it ideal for carving and creating furniture with intricate details.


Elastic capacity

  • The ash (Fraxinus) tree varies greatly in size. Some reach heights of up to thirty metres. The duramen ranges from light to medium brown, sometimes with hints of red or gold. The alburnum is white or yellowish white.
  • Ash is valued for being a quality, hard, strong and elastic wood. Among other applications, it is used in the manufacture of furniture, flooring, tools and sports goods, such as hockey sticks.
  • Its grain is attractive and uniform, which makes it much appreciated in joinery.
  • Ash is known for its flexural strength, which makes it exceptional in applications where elasticity is essential.

American red oak

A touch of colour

  • The American red oak (Quercus rubra) shares many similarities with the European oak.
  • The duramen of the American red oak is characterised by a wide range of colours that can vary from light grey to pink or pale red. The alburnum of American red oak tends to be white or yellowish white.
  • This variation in the colour of the duramen is one of the most distinctive characteristics of American red oak and is highly appreciated for the visual appeal it brings to products made with it.
  • This very special situation makes American red oak a frequent choice in interior design projects.


Outdoor beauty

  • The iroko (Milicia excelsa) is a large evergreen tree.
  • The duramen of the iroko varies from gold or light brown to a dark brown with dark grain. With time and light, the iroko duramen darkens and develops a rich gold patina. The alburnum is yellowish white or pale cream.
  • This tree is known for its high quality, strong, resistant wood. It is highly appreciated for its ability to resist deterioration and weathering, iroko is ideal for outdoor applications, such as decking, garden furniture or boats.

Radiata pine

Quality wood for a multitude of applications

  • The radiata pine (Pinus radiata) is famous for its quality high wood and its versatility in a variety of applications.
  • The duramen of the radiata pine has dark tones, which can vary from yellow to brown. It usually has an attractive grain with growth rings, which is very common in wood from conifers. The duramen of the radiata pine is lighter than that of other pine species.
  • The alburnum of the radiata pine is light and is able to adapt to a great variety of finishes and stains.
  • The radiata pine is valued for its versatile wood, which is used in a wide range of applications, from housing construction to the manufacture of furniture and even packaging.

Locally sourced wood

At Grupo Gámiz we cover 400 km every day.

And when we get there we stop.

Wherever possible we try not to go further than that distance from km 0, which is our factory at Kanpezu.

An within that radius we select the wood we use to manufacture maximum quality primary and secondary processed products.

Why go further? We like locally sourced wood. We like to know we’re surrounded by good wood. We like to be sustainable.

And we love helping to make our customers’ products more sustainable.

If you like, you can get to know us better here.

Certified wood

People who are part of the industrial sector know that quality is demonstrated with certifications.

At Grupo Gámiz we have the most important quality and sustainability certificates.

Certificado PEFC


Grupo Gámiz specialists in quality certified wood, forest certification


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