Quality wood, innovation and sustainability are the bases of our catalogue for interior and exterior wooden products

At GRUPO GÁMIZ, both the wood and the products we make from the wood must have the same quality levels. Our catalogue of quality wood products deploys all the necessary resources and certificates to be a sustainable alternative for the development of major architectural projects and combines proposals for exterior and interior structural and decorative use.

The only oak glulam beams in the world with the CE structural marking, laminated profiles, edge-glued panels, acetylated wood, technical wood or wood for outdoor use are some of our products; essential ingredients for high-quality constructions and designs.

At GRUPO GÁMIZ, in addition to manufacturing wood products, we also commercialise and distribute leading brands in the sector. ACCOYA® or GEOLAM are authentic symbols of quality when talking about wood, and in the hands of GRUPO GÁMIZ, they are destined for emblematic projects that require premium quality and a good finish.

Welcome to quality, technology, durability, resistance, respect for the environment.

Welcome to the natural beauty of good wood.

Gámiz wood laminate profiles


A wooden curtain wall is now possible

GRUPO GÁMIZ’s VIGAM catalogue includes the only glulam beam in the world with structural CE marking. We offer high-quality glulam beams in oak, ash, beech, iroko, and radiata pine. Using the latest technology, we have improved the strength and stability provided by nature through good wood and creating a wide range of beams for decorative and structural use (for example to build interior wooden curtain walls). 

Gámiz wood laminate profiles


For solid windows or mixed aluminum and wood windows

Since the beginning of 2010 we have held the prestigious quality certificate FCBA (France), brand CTB-LCA, for the elaboration of our oak, beech and pine laminated profiles. At GRUPO GÁMIZ we manufacture both standard measurements and sections tailored to the customer’s needs. Our PERFIGAM hardwood and hardwood laminate profiles guarantee stability and durability.

Gámiz wood planked boards


Superior quality edge-glued wood

The edge-glued panels (Finger, whole stave or Three-layer) are characterized by their long durability, easy machinning and modern aesthetics. ALIGAM, the range of oak, beech, ash and pine edge-glued panels from GRUPO GÁMIZ ensures the best result in construction, decoration and furniture. Standard sized edge-glued panels are available and we also manufacture them according to the customer requirements.

Acetylated wood Gámiz Group


Sustainable, with excellent exterior performance

The acetylation process used to produce the ACCOYA® solid wood results in sustainable processed wood, of great durability and dimensional stability, capable of replacing tropical hardwoods in any exterior application, such as facades and cladding, doors, windows, flooring, outdoor decking, furniture, etc.
ACCOYA® guarantees 50 years of service for classes 1, 2 and 3 and 25 years for class 4. Another firm commitment to top quality by GRUPO GÁMIZ.

Gámiz Group technical wood


Technological flooring made of wood and 100% recyclable polypropylene

GEOLAM, the wood and polypropylene flooring (from 100% recycled material), WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), exclusively distributed by GRUPO GÁMIZ, is a technological wood that works as an excellent alternative to exotic woods on exterior floors or facades. This Polypropylene and wood floor does not creak, does not crack, does not need maintenance, does not change colour. Non-slip, with a level 3 friction certificate. Very easy to install, its distinctive Eco Mark guarantees it respects the environment: 100% recyclable.

Grupo Gámiz project Geolam Hotel Ibiza


Hybrid wood and aluminum profiles

GEOLAM PREMIUM Wood Hybrid System (WHS) profiles combine wood composite with aluminium. These WHS hybrid profiles from GRUPO GÁMIZ offer an alternative to exotic wood architectural components and greater advantages over them: they do not require maintenance, they are long lasting and their aesthetic appearance does not change. They can be integrated harmoniously in all types of facades. The GEOLAM PREMIUM hybrid profiles are straight profiles but can be curved to adapt them to any surface. In addition, the GEOLAM WHS hybrid profiles meet the highest requirements in terms of fire resistance.


In our catalogue you will find a wide range of high quality wood products for guaranteed premium