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Superior quality wood highly valued for its strength and Adaptability, its excellence of finishes provides unique aesthetic results


This emblematic tree species has played a vital role throughout Spain’s history. The Spanish Navy would never have had gained prestige had it not been for the use of oak in the construction of its ships. This wood, much appreciated for its strength, was used massively in the naval industry to the point that its existence was threatened. Something that paradoxically was positive for the duration of the species, as plantation on a massive scale was put in place. This resulted in the forests that we enjoy today, this valuable wood, whose strength and quality provides aesthetic results and strength like no other.

Scientific name Quercus robur and Quercus petraea, the common oak species used by GRUPO GÁMIZ can be found in the forests of Europe. In Spain there are leafy oak forests throughout the north of the country, from Galicia, where it is most abundant, to Catalonia.


This excellent wood is highly valued for its strength and adaptability to changes in temperature and humidity. With a strong, straight, texture, it has a medium grain, making it visually distinguishable given its aesthetic appeal. As for the colour, the sapwood of the European oak wood is light yellow and the heartwood can be yellowish or brown. The result is natural finishes and great elegance for all types of wooden structures.

A robust and solid wood, with very visible rings on its surface. Simple to saw, despite its hardness. It is used for various purposes such as the manufacture of indoor and outdoor furniture, for carpentry and veneers for doors, windows or parquets, etc.

At GRUPO GÁMIZ we are specialists in high quality woods. That is why we believe in the excellence of European oak wood finishes for many of our products: glulam beams, profiles or edge-glued wood panels.

By combining excellence and research at GRUPO GÁMIZ, our oak glulam beam (VIGAM) is the only oak glulam beam in the world with the CE marking for structural use. It is a sustainable construction material that can be used, for example, to build a wooden curtain wall.


Grupo Gámiz Hague wood


Hardness and elegance

The ability of beech to be moulded without breaking ensured this noble wood was used as an ideal raw material to make tracks for mines. Today it is one of the most widely used hardwoods at an industrial level, and cannot go amiss in the supply of local quality GRUPO GÁMIZ wood (laminated profiles, edge-glued wood panels …).

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Impact resistant

The proven quality of the ash lies in the hardness and elasticity of its solid wood. An excellent raw material for manufacturing tool handles, curved but sturdy sports objects and, of course, architectural structures. The hard and resistant ash wood features in GRUPO GÁMIZ wooden beam catalogue.

Gámiz Group specialists in supply and installation of wood


One of the most sustainable species

The radiata pine offers one of the most versatile quality woods. At GRUPO GÁMIZ we manufacture part of our laminated profiles in local radiata pine wood, for solid window or mixed aluminum and wood and selected quality glulam beams, for applications such as wall-curtain facades.
Thanks to the quality of the wood selected, the products obtained have an absolute guarantee of stability.