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Very versatile wood with an outstanding capacity to adapt and grow


Radiata pine or Monterrey pine is a species native to the Pacific Coast of North America. Currently it comes mostly from New Zealand, Chile and, in Europe, the Basque Country especially. More than 50% of the forest area of the Cantabrian coast is occupied by this species whose wood is one of the most versatile that exists today.

The main virtue of radiata pine is its outstanding ability to adapt and grow. Its maturity cycle is about 30 years, which makes it a great alternative to species such as oak or beech, which need about 150 years to reach full capacity. The quality of its wood and the rapidity of its growth make it a highly demanded wood and much used in the industrial sector. In its heyday, in the 50s, it came to be called “green gold” because of its great profitability.


Nailing, screwing and sawing of radiata pine wood is carried out in a very simple way, which guarantees easy handling and the realization of more refined finishes. Another of its great qualities is that its texture adheres perfectly any type of dye, paint or varnish.

All this makes radiata pine wood a very versatile species with which GRUPO GÁMIZ achieves products with unique aesthetic results: laminated profiles in local wood for mixed aluminium and wood windows, laminated panels … A whole range of products with which we create projects that become authentic shows of quality, beauty and durability.


Gámiz Group specialists in supply and installation of wood


Long life to quality wood

Some oaks can be up to 2000 years old. Their strength is visible in their qualities for structural use: adaptable to changes in temperature and humidity, and hugely resistant. The sophistication of its finish is appreciable in GRUPO GÁMIZ‘s range of high quality wood products (oak beams, laminated profiles, etc.)

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Hardness and elegance

The ability of beech to be moulded without breaking ensured this noble wood was used as an ideal raw material to make tracks for mines. Today it is one of the most widely used hardwoods at an industrial level, and cannot go amiss in the supply of local quality GRUPO GÁMIZ wood (laminated profiles, edge-glued wood panels …).

Gámiz Group specialists in supply and installation of wood


Impact resistant

The proven quality of the ash lies in the hardness and elasticity of its solid wood. An excellent raw material for manufacturing tool handles, curved but sturdy sports objects and, of course, architectural structures. The hard and resistant ash wood features in GRUPO GÁMIZ wooden beam catalogue.