The most natural material and the smartest design unite to build and protect the environment

The innovations continue in ‘Wood IoT Wall’, the Hazitek project to develop smart wooden curtain walls. A programme funded by the Basque Government and the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

In matters of sustainability and environmental protection, wooden curtain walls improve on the efficiency of traditional walls built with materials such as concrete or steel.

The Wood IoT Wall project seeks to exceed these expectations with an even more innovative focus, with economic backing by the Basque Government and the ERDF, within the framework of the Hazitek programme.

The objective of this project is to further improve wooden curtain walls with cutting-edge technology and innovative proposals. The plan includes the creation of an advanced BIM model for curtain walls, in conjunction with a digital twin that provides smart assistance in its design, construction and scalability.

This system aims to optimise the energy efficiency of curtain walls through detailled management of aspects such as ventilation, shade, lighting and temperature.

proyecto Wood IoT Wall

Gymnasium München Nord, Alemania | Arq: h4a Gessert + Randecker Generalplaner | Product: VIGAM: oak glulam beam

New: radiata pine curtain wall

This year’s new development is marked by the tests conducted on radiata pine. To date, research to design a smart wooden curtain walls had been on the only oak glulam in the world with the CE marking for structural use.

The tests on pine have been very positive, which opens up the possibility of applying this technology to other species. An interesting fact is that each wood not only has its own characteristics, but also its own advantages in terms of application in different industrial sectors.

pino radiata para muro cortina con certificado

In this case, the radiata pine curtain wall would not have been possible without the CE marking for structural use of the radiata pine glulam wood of GRUPO GÁMIZ

Accompanying us on this adventure are Uxama, Carpintería Irastorza, Genelek and Tecnalia.

Energy efficiency achieved with beauty, elegance and sustainability

That is the true objective of R&D+i: being able to live in a better world without sacrifices. In the case of architecture, construction and industry, wood provides sustainability, function, elegance and beauty.

Thanks to research at Grupo Gámiz for example, in addition to designing and manufacturing the only single oak glulam in the world with the CE marking, we are able to make curved beams in any measurements. This boosts sustainable architecture, as we help architects shake off any limits to their creativity and their drive to respect nature.

Similarly, our glulams enable the development of curtain walls that, combined with glass and occasionally with other materials such as aluminium, result in more beautiful, radiant, elegant and natural façades.

pruebas de laboratorio con diferentes maderas de roble y pino

Grupo Gámiz, innovating since 1942

With the Wood IoT Wall project we are taking a step further in perfecting the spaces where we live our lives with maximum energy efficiency.

Improving our products, protecting forests and contributing to our customers’ processes are the main starting points for our everyday work, which began in 1942. Today we are continuing along the same path of innovation and sustainability, working day by day in search of the best primary and secondary processed wood products.

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