Basque-Navarre rail trail

The old train sheds of the Basque-Navarre railway, (popularly known as the “trenico”) are currently the starting point of a rail trail of the same name, where pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy nature.

The main building has been restored, aiming to respect the original 1926 design as much as possible. For the doors and windows ACCOYA® acetylated wood profiles have been used, a material with plenty of personality and beauty, ideal for exteriors, with unrivalled resistance to the passage of time.

The construction houses the rental bicycles and functions as a catering and rest area for the more than 200,000 people who pass through every year. The Basque-Navarre rail trail is a route through the province of Álava from Arlabán port to Estella in Navarre.

  • Proyectos ACCOYA, Vía verde del Ferrocarril Vasco-Navarro
  • Proyectos ACCOYA, Vía verde del Ferrocarril Vasco-Navarro

About This Project

TYPE OF PROJECT: Restoration of public building.

LOCATION: Antoñana (Álava).

ORIGINAL ARCHITECT OF THE BUILDING: Alejandro Mendizábal (1926).

CARPENTRY: Carpintería Llodiana – Ventaclim.

PRODUCT: ACCOYA® profiles.

APPLICATION: Doors and windows.




PHOTOGRAPHY: © Carpintería Llodiana.