Sustainability in architecture is more creative with glulam beams

The qualities of glulam wood are multiplied with the CE marking for structural use.

In these mentally unsettling times, with radical changes in how we see the world, architecture cannot remain on the sidelines. Its role as a trigger for new ways of living and sharing urban spaces has become even more important with the covid-19 crisis. It is in this extraordinary panorama where an innovative, effective, sustainable, resistant, beautiful building material with versatile applications begins to take on importance: wood.

It is strange, and yet logical, that in the final stretch of first quarter of the XXI century we are witnessing a rediscovery of natural building materials that have accompanied human beings practically since the dawn of architecture. Its renewable values (wood retains carbon, instead of releasing it into the atmosphere), its warmth and its durability complement the great creative possibilities of glulam wood, benefits that are achieved through technology and the structural certifications.

Nuevos usos de la madera laminada en fachadas edificios

Glulam wood | Photo courtesy of  Plataforma Arquitectura

The big advantages of glulam wood

Glulam wood is a great ally of architects who do not want to limit their imagination. Its versatility makes it possible to create large, long, very wide or even curved parts.

Its beauty provides warmth, a natural atmosphere and elegance to all types of buildings, whether historic (restorations) or modern (new builds).

Nuevos usos de la madera laminada en Wander Wood Pavilion

Wander Wood Pavilion | Product: Glulam wood | Photo courtesy of Plataforma Arquitectura

Glulam wood has great resistance and durability, perfect to withstand the inclemency of the harshest environments, including a high relative humidity.

Despite its resistance and capacity, it is much lighter and more stable than other structural materials such as concrete and steel.

Starting with the fact that it is combustible, innovations in the design and manufacture of glulam wood have turned it into a material with excellent behaviour in the event of fire. 

Using glulam wood reduces construction time, as the products necessary are quickly available from the catalogue.

And of course, one of the biggest advantages is that it is a sustainable building material, that helps protect the environment and plant the seed of a healthier world for generations to come.

Innovation: wooden curtain walling with oak glulam beams

At GRUPO GÁMIZ we manufacture VIGAM, the only oak glulam beam in the world with the CE marking for structural use. Our glulam beams are being used in projects all over the world to give a new touch to lightweight façades with wooden curtain walling. A touch that brings sustainability and beauty to our lives.

Viga laminada de roble de Grupo Gámiz, aplicación muro cortina en la sede Enovos de Luxemburgo

Enovos, Luxembourg | | Arch: Jim Clemes | Product: Oak glulam – curtain wall

The result? Interiors with warmer, more natural and ecological façades. Thanks to glulam wood in general, and to oak glulam beams with the CE marking for structural use in particular, a good number of professionals that contribute to sustainable architecture have increased the creative possibilities of their designs.

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